Agriculture Program Helps Improve Farms

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A lot of people in developing countries survive on what they can grow. They labor daily in their fields, sweat soaking through their clothing under the hot sun. They work to yield millet, corn, coffee, and more.

And, although these farmers work as hard as they can, their tables are often still bare.

But, your gifts help those yields grow. Your generosity helps teach farmers like Piolo better agriculture techniques so they can grow more and better crops, help feed their children, and send them to school.  

A program funded by friends like you is proving that improved agriculture can affect nearly every aspect of a person’s life. It teaches trainees how to raise animals such as cows, pigs, and chickens. It helps farmers improve their crops and teaches families how to use herbs for medicine. It even provides life coaching.

And, it has transformed Piolo’s life.

Piolo works hard to support his wife and eight children. For much of the year, he labors in his fields, and while he waits for the harvest, he also makes and sells a local snack. He does all he can, but until recently, his family still struggled.

“I walked every day to sell [snacks] to the people,” he says. “What could I do? We are just poor.”

So, Piolo signed up for BGR-supported training. He not only learned how to help his crops thrive, but he also learned how to care for pigs. And then, friends like you helped donate a pig for him to raise.

Now, he has raised and sold several hogs, and he has made a significant profit. He’s invested some of it in his snack business, and he’s also bought a motorbike.

“The motorbike lessens the effort I have to spend selling food every day, and I can go home early to my family now,” he says.

And, that family lives a better life because Christians like you gave. Thank you for caring about the poor, the hungry, and the vulnerable. Thank you for giving what you can to help struggling farmers like Piolo. You’re connecting with people in need around the world.


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