Aftercare Home Helps Young Girl Heal

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We all could use a champion when overwhelming odds seem stacked against us. Thank you for equipping people who will care for the meek and mistreated.

Nita was in the shadow of many giants when she came to a home for trafficked and abused girls you helped fund. She was traumatized after witnessing the death of her father and other family members as a child. Then, she was exploited by many people, including a powerful person whose name was plastered on advertisements in the street and who had the means to destroy Nita easily. Every time she went in public, Nita feared another abuser might be lurking. The worry took its toll on her body, leaving her physically ill.

Praise God Nita found a place with people who love her!

Your donations kept food on the table, while staff gave her constant support and medical care. They took her to doctors and reminded her that she was safe and strong.

Now, Nita is learning how to read and write, and her health is slowly improving. Her recovery may take a long time, but every day takes her further from abuse.

Be a champion for Nita, who still needs your prayer to heal. And, pray for other trafficked or abused girls who need help to stand tall against the giants in their lives.