Adopted by the Good Samaritan

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It’s exciting when Christ’s parables play out in modern times. And, let’s give thanks to our Father in Heaven that a “good Samaritan” found little Dora!

Dora’s mother was a prostitute and HIV positive. We don’t know if she simply didn’t want the child or if she had no ability to care for Dora, but this woman abandoned her baby in the bushes.  

The newborn laid—all alone—in shrubbery and would have died if Anissa hadn’t walked by and saw little arms and legs sticking out of the plants. The sight tugged at Anissa’s heart, and she picked up the baby, saving the child’s life.

Yet, Anissa wanted to do more than save Dora’s life. She wanted to become her mother.

Anissa carried the infant to the authorities and received permission to adopt. But, then she faced a problem–Anissa couldn’t nurse Dora and formula was very expensive. Fortunately, a BGR nutrition program helped supply the new mom with goat’s milk so little Dora could grow big and healthy and learn to love the woman who had picked her out of the bushes.

Pray for this family as they embrace the miracle of adoption.

  1. Pray the milk will keep Dora healthy and that she will grow up to have a beautiful relationship with Anissa.
  2. Many infants are abandoned around the world by parents who can’t—or won’t—care for them. Pray each and every precious child is found and carried to a loving home.


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