A Widow’s Meal

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(For the privacy and dignity of the individual, this photo does not show the person mentioned in the story.)


Have you ever thought about what a luxury it is to cook dinner for your own kids? Or even to set cereal bowls in front of them each morning? Mende struggles to feed her five children each day in a country racked by famine, violence and poverty. A widow, she listens to her children’s hungry cries alone. There’s little she can do for them. The famine has shriveled the crops, and many people around her are looking for food, as well. The meal packets donors like you now send her each month mean so much to this tired mother. They help make her children full and happy. They help the family survive.

Global Hunger Sunday is Oct. 8. Start a campaign at your church to raise money for Global Hunger Relief and to alleviate hunger in families like Mende’s.