A Well of Opportunity

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Friends like you helped put a well in Lionel’s village. You gave the community a fresh source of water for cooking, drinking and bathing. God used your generosity to show His love to the local church.

But the gift had another result—an unexpected but welcome side-effect. It gave Lionel a new job.

This man had been supporting his wife and three children mostly as a subsistence farmer, a job that depends heavily on unpredictable weather. Sometimes, Lionel would pick up an extra masonry job to bring in extra money, but he still needed more work.

And, he found it at the well. Lionel learned how to dig boreholes while working on the BGR project in his village, and now, he’s firing bricks for people in his community and overseeing another BGR well project. The work is adding income so he can expand his current crops.

Ultimately, Lionel wants to build a new home for his family.

Thank you for that village well—and for Lionel’s new opportunities. Please consider giving again today, and help change lives in new and wonderful ways.


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