6 ways to pray for hunger solutions

Hunger Alleviation | Print

Almost 821 million people suffered from chronic food deprivation globally in 2017—but you can do something to help. Please, take some time today to pray for 6 solutions to hunger.

1. Pray refugees can find work.

The danger doesn’t end after refugees flee their home countries. They must travel to new cities, where they have no jobs. Many governments won’t even allow them to work. And so, they face hunger and malnutrition. Their children cry from empty stomachs. Please, pray the displaced can find ways to earn income.

2.Ask God to heal parents who are too sick to work.

In many countries, people who can’t work don’t eat. And, parents who have illnesses and disabilities struggle in despair, knowing they can’t feed their families. Ask God to heal them or to send them help.

3. Pray widows will receive job skills training.

A man’s death can spell disaster for his wife and family. Not only do they mourn him, but they struggle without his income. Pray uneducated widows around the world can get the vocational training they need to feed their children.

4. Pray for calm weather so food may grow.

Good weather can make or break poor farming families. One bad season can threaten them with starvation. Ask God to bless rural areas with favorable weather so crops can grow and families can eat.

5. Pray education will improve around the world.

Better education means better jobs and better income. Pray schools in developing countries will improve so children everywhere will grow up with the skills they need to feed the ones they love.

6. Pray for improved economies and stable governments.

Economic crises in places like Venezuela are throwing entire societies into chaos. Money is losing value, and inflation is skyrocketing. Even the people who have good jobs can’t buy food. Pray these economies stabilize so people might no longer suffer from hunger.