5 Ways to Pray for Refugees

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Millions of refugees around the world need your prayers today. Here are a few specific ways you can lift them up to the Father:

1. Pray for the families fleeing their homes and for the loved ones they’ve left behind.

Nothing separates families like the cruelty and violence of war. A father might be cut off from his wife and children, and a child might be left without parents. Pray for the families who are experiencing the pain of separation, and pray they’ll be reunited soon.

2. Pray refugees will receive safety, shelter, food, and water.

Many people flee violence only to endure unimaginable living conditions as refugees. Pray their most basic needs are met as they try to restore their broken lives.

3. Pray for those with emotional trauma and PTSD.

The sights and sounds of war and violence can affect people for years, making it difficult for them to care for their families or function in day-to-day life. Pray traumatized refugees can get the care they need to start healing emotionally.

4. Pray those who serve refugees will know precisely how to meet needs.

BGR partners in many nations are working hard to meet refugees families, earn their trust, and fulfill specific needs. Ask God to grant these partners wisdom and endurance as they serve the displaced.

5. Pray for the uncertain futures of refugee families.

Some refugees will eventually go home, and some will make lives for themselves in new countries. But others can’t return and have been denied asylum. Ask God to comfort and bless those who have no idea where they will live next month or next year.


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