5 reasons why people go hungry

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One in nine people on this earth suffers from hunger. They go to bed each night with bellies that ache and with children who cry for food.

Take a look at five reasons why people go hungry, and read five stories about how friends like you have helped fill the bellies of families in need. Share them with your friends and encourage everyone you know to give and help those who struggle for every meal.

1. Drought and famine

Have you ever thought about what a luxury it is to cook dinner for your kids? Or even to set cereal bowls in front of them each morning? Mende struggles to feed her five children each day in a country racked by famine, violence and poverty. A widow, she listens to her children’s hungry cries alone. There’s little she can do for them. The famine has shriveled the crops, and many people around her are looking for food, as well. The meal packets donors like you now send her each month mean so much to this tired mother. They help make her children full and happy. They help the family survive.

2. Natural Disaster

God used people with compassionate hearts—people like you—to bless Eva’s village just in time! She took charge of the community kitchen when mudslides cut her village off from civilization. And, she watched the food stores dwindle until all the meals had been cooked. She wondered what would happen the next day—when the children started crying for food. God answered when vehicles arrived with BGR food relief to restock her kitchen! Praise God for all the moments like this when He has used your generosity to meet someone’s urgent need.

3. Conflict

So many refugee fathers, like Nazir, put hungry children to bed each night. They listen to their sons and daughters cry for food, knowing they have none to give. Nazir has endured this pain for three years. As a Christian, he fled persecution in Iraq with his two, young children and found safety in a nearby country. But, he couldn’t get a work visa. With no income, he has constantly struggled to provide. Not long ago, donors like you cared enough to help him buy groceries for his children and offer them some comfort in the midst of harsh, refugee life.

4. Injuries

Stand between a family and starvation. People like Levi barely make ends meet each day, and when mishaps happen—like Levi’s bicycle accident—they risk starvation. This man broke his left leg in a crash on the way home from his construction job. His wife could no longer buy food because he couldn’t work. We Levi felt cast out and useless, donors like you saw his needs and felt compassion. You sent aid to fill their plates and bless their hearts, giving Levi and his wife hope for the future.

5. Malnourished mothers

Rashida’s body can’t produce enough milk to feed her infant son. She’s traveled several kilometers to a BGR-supported clinic, looking for formula. A clinic worker examines the baby, assessing his nutritional needs. After the assessment, Rashida receives a black plastic bag, heavy with formula. She also sees several healthy babies in the clinic who have been on feeding plans. Soon, she says, her baby will look like them.


There are many reasons for hunger. No matter the reason, every hungry person is loved by their Creator.

God wants to use people like you to meet the needs of people all around the world. You can join the fight against hunger! Your gifts will help vulnerable people experience God’s provision at just the right time.