4 Ways to Pray for Farmers

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Your support is helping farmers around the world grow fields of thriving corn, raise coops full of chickens, or cultivate gardens that can feed their families. Please take a few moments today to lift up these men and women, along with the projects that are changing their lives …

1. Pray for BGR training projects that are teaching farmers how to improve their crops or raise animals.

These projects teach skills from gardening to animal husbandry and often equip trainees with seeds or livestock. Pray they flourish, grow, and impact more struggling families.

2. Pray for good weather in the poorest regions of the world.

Weather can make or break a harvest, and farmers are always at its mercy. Pray for favorable temperatures and rain in the most desperate parts of the world. Pray farmers in these regions will have the chance to harvest thriving crops.

3. Pray for the health of pigs, cows, rabbits, and other livestock.

Diseases often wipe out entire herds of livestock, leaving farmers destitute. Pray the animals that supporters like you have purchased through the BGR Gift Catalog will remain healthy and reproduce for the families who own them.

4. Ask God to bless the model farms, where people in need come to learn more about agriculture.

BGR partners often develop “model farms” so they can give farmers hands-on training in improved agricultural techniques. Pray these farms thrive and transform people’s lives through  simple lessons on farming and animal husbandry. Pray that each person who graduates an agricultural program will be better equipped to provide for their families through honest work in the fields.


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