4 Stories of Hope from the Crisis in the Middle East

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It’s hard to imagine, but there are still people who live amid the chaos of the Middle Eastern conflict, trying to make a life of dignity for their loved ones. And in a disaster as complicated as this one, BGR can give hope in different ways. Sometimes it means providing for immediate critical needs. Other times, it means supporting people already working hard to better their families and communities.

With your faithful support, God is inspiring hope in this region one person at a time. Here are four very different ways you helped lift the spirits of people impacted by this crisis.


Anji isn’t one for idle time. After all, she’s a businesswoman, the proud owner of a women’s clothing shop. Despite the frequent clashes in her area, she had enough business to stay open. War or no war, people would always need clothes.

But one day, Anji arrived at the shop and found that violence during the night had caused major damage to her store. She surveyed the damage: electrical wires dangling, the entire storefront would need replacing. She was forced to close. Suddenly, Anji had too much time on her hands, and she didn’t know what to do. How would she make money? How would she take care of her elderly mother living with her? Her livelihood had been taken in an instant, and with it, her hope.

BGR partners know that local businesses are important. They help stabilize the local economy and give shop owners the means to care for their families. They gave Anji the funding she needed to repair her shop and reopen for business. Now, she’s making money again, and hope is back on the market.

Donate to help other future small business owners with the resources to provide for their families.


Qasim’s family wasn’t so lucky. Their house was completely destroyed by shelling. There was no home to come back to.

BGR partners couldn’t condemn his family to the streets. With your gifts, they helped them pay the rent for another house while they figured out what to do next. It may not be their home, but it is a home, where Qasim can keep his family safe until he can afford a new one.

Donate to other Disaster Response projects that help people displaced by war and disasters.


Naser worked hard for his family—the four precious faces waiting for him at home. He picked up shifts every afternoon as a waiter in a local coffee shop. Every morning, he loaded his bicycle with hygiene products to sell on the streets. That bike was an invaluable part of Naser’s livelihood—without it, selling products and getting to work would be so much harder.

One day, he left his bike untended, and he looked up just in time to see another man mount it and take off. Naser went after the thief, chasing him down the street. He stumbled and crashed hard to his knees. The thief got away.

Adding insult to injury, a doctor told Naser the torn cartilage in his knees would keep him from pedaling a bike ever again. Naser’s spirit sank—this would be a huge hit to his livelihood.

BGR partners thought of a solution: Don’t take the bike away from the man; take the pedal out of the bike. They gave Naser a motorbike—no pedaling needed. Naser was stunned that someone would help him just to show him love. Now, you can hear Naser buzzing down the street. He’s off to work, and he’s selling more hygiene items than ever before.

Look through the BGR Gift Catalog for lots of ways to support parents trying to make ends meet.


Like many others, Feras left for a neighboring country to find better work as a painter to support his family. On one of his return trips, he found himself struggling to breathe. He knew something was wrong, but when he went to a doctor, he never imagined hearing these words: open heart surgery. Three of his major blood vessels were closed and would need an operation.

It happened that quickly. One day, Feras was working and traveling. The next, he was facing major surgery. The diagnosis caused more fear than relief. He could never afford an operation like this—his family would be doomed to poverty. But without it, he would die.

BGR helped turn a lose-lose situation into a win for everyone. Partners paid for a large part of Feras’ operation and—praise God!—it was a success! Feras’ health is better and he’s back working in his home country with his family—without the worry of medical debt.

Support clinics and physicians providing medical care by donating life-saving medical supplies.

How You Can Still Help

People impacted by the Middle Eastern crisis need so many things. It’s not just food. It’s not just shelter. But your generosity has enabled our partners to touch lives with God’s love in very personal ways. Do so again and give to people suffering in the Middle East.