4 Reasons Water Filters Can Change the World

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Clean, accessible water is absolutely essential to the well-being of individuals and communities. From hydration to sanitation, water is the main ingredient to survival and development. Unfortunately, approximately 768 million people around the world are forced to use unsafe water sources, while 2.5 billion people lacked adequate sanitation facilities (Source: United Nation’s Children’s Fund).

The problem seems daunting.

And it is.

But you can make a difference! By purchasing a water filter to send to a family in need of clean water, you will begin to turn the tide of a thirsty world. How can one small device do so much good? Read on, my friend and prepare to be amazed at the wonders of the water filter!

1. They are surprisingly low-cost

Water filters are an incredibly economical way to supply water to lots of people. At a price of just $25.00/filter, they are a cost-effective alternative to more expensive water solutions, such as wells or pipe systems. Plus, just one filter can supply a family with clean water for an entire year!

2. Rough terrain? No problem! Water filters can go anywhere!

Many people experiencing water shortages live in very remote areas that are not only difficult to traverse but make the installation of irrigation or pump systems difficult. Water filters are lightweight, portable, and don’t require any kind of installation, meaning they can be effective in any environment, regardless of terrain or location.

3. Disease Dilution

Every year, children and adults die needlessly from water-borne illnesses. When the only water sources available are those shared by animals or insects, they become infested with bacteria and disease which can wreak havoc on anyone who ingests them. A water filter can eliminate nearly all of the harmful substances, resulting in fewer illnesses and improved health overall.

4. Turns Your Ripple Into a Wave of Change

If you’ve ever thrown a pebble in a lake, you’ve seen how even the tiniest stones create ripples that emanate to the outer edges of the water. When you supply a family with a water filter, you are throwing what may seem like a pebble into a vast problem. But the effects are enormous! Just imagine the gift you are bringing to an entire family for a whole year. Health, sanitation, water for drinking and cooking and cleaning! With the gift of a water filter, you can make waves!

This #GivingTuesday, give the gift of water filters!

Today your gift of:

  • $50 will provide 2 water filters
  • $100 will provide 4 water filters
  • $200 will provide 8 water filters
  • $500 will provide 20 water filters