3 Ways You Can Bless Refugee Kids!

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“Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, and whoever receives me, receives not me but him who sent me.” Mark 9:37

Camps for refugees and internally displaced people dot the landscapes around our world, and in each makeshift settlement, children run and play between the tents. They have fled horrors with their families and now face hunger, thirst, cold, and lack of education in this new, transitory life.  

But, God is still taking care of these precious boys and girls—and He’s using your generosity to do it! Check out the various ways friends like you can help displaced children after their lives were thrown into chaos:

1. Fund education for the kids who crave a classroom

What happens to a refugee child who loves to learn? When Benjamin fled Syria with his family, he not only left his home but he left his school, as well. He had no more math problems to work at night and no more essays to write. He was falling behind. But then, he joined an English club, where he and other children could at least practice a foreign language together. He played educational games and made crafts. He even had homework again. Now, his family has resettled in a new country, and he’s at the top of his class.  

Your gifts help fund similar classes for other refugee children. One group has even learned English so they can continue their studies through an online program for US homeschools!

2. Donate fancy wheels—and other medical supplies

For a while, 6-year-old Eman simply laid on the ground each day in the displacement camp where her family lived. They had fled their home when violence ravaged their town. To make the situation worse, she had cerebral palsy and couldn’t move without a wheelchair. She couldn’t help her mother with daily chores. She couldn’t play with other children. She couldn’t truly live—until friends like you bought her a small, red wheelchair. It was such a simple gift, but it changed Eman’s life.  

Other children recieve walkers, wheelchairs, medicine, and more. Many also get emotional support from trained aid workers. Your gifts help heal both physical and emotional wounds.  

3. Pack the rolls on little arms and legs

Musa simply knows when his tummy is full. He doesn’t know it’s full because friends like you gave. He doesn’t know his mother, Semiha, worries about keeping him healthy. He doesn’t know his home country is in turmoil. He doesn’t even know who his father is. Musa is a year old and lives as a refugee with his mother. His father left for Europe before Musa was born and hoped to send for them later. As of now, the family remains separated. But you’ve helped them survive by donating food. You have helped the child grow and have eased Semiha’s worries.  

Many of the food packets you donate through the BGR Gift Catalog go to refugee families with tiny mouths to feed. Every dollar helps keep a child healthy enough to grow, learn, and play.

Keep taking care of the beautiful boys and girls like Benjamin, Eman, and Musa! Give your best to refugee projects and help keep their futures bright.  


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