3 Father’s Day gift ideas to make Dad smile

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Father’s Day is nearly here! We’re sure you’re racking your brains to think of a gift that will show your dad how much you genuinely love him. But, it can be difficult to find something he’ll really enjoy. Does he need another tie? Will he actually use a new set of tools?

So, do something completely different this year, and get your dad a gift that’s full of meaning. Donate an item from the BGR Gift Catalog in his honor and help another father care for his family.

Check out these three gift ideas that will make your dad smile. And when you check out, remember to download a Father’s Day card from our site and the present even more special!

1. A goat

Does your dad love animals? Get him an adorable goat from the catalog for Father’s Day! Livestock like this helps provide dads around the world with meat, milk, and extra income so they can feed and shelter their families. A goat even helped Zaid provide for his wife and children after an accident crippled him.

For $75, you can purchase one goat and teach a farmer how to raise it properly. Click here to donate.

2. A set of 10 fish

Fish are great gifts for little ones to give their daddies. A set of 10 is the perfect item for kids because they can easily purchase it with the nickels and dimes they’ve worked hard to collect. We also suggest giving this gift during a fun, Father’s Day fishing trip!

Farmers like Bakti appreciate this particular item. He raises fish as a way to give his children extra protein and keep them healthy.

Click here to purchase 10 fish for $3.

3. Medical supplies

This is the perfect gift for a dad who always wants to make others feel better. A $100 donation will help restock clinics or send much-needed supplies to people like Haider. Violence had forced Haider’s family from their home, and they had sought refuge at a camp for internally displaced people. In the midst of that chaos, Haider’s 6-year-old daughter, Eman, also dealt with cerebral palsy. She couldn’t walk, so he was forced to watch her lie on the ground each day with very little quality of life—until friends like you helped send her a wheelchair. Haider might have lost his job and his home, but he still had the opportunity to see his daughter smile.

This Father’s Day, bless more parents like Haider—and do it in your dad’s honor. Click here to donate medical supplies.