My Favorite Community Development Projects

By Jeff Palmer, CEO on February 1, 2018 | Print

In the next couple of blogs, I would like to share some of my all-time favorite disaster relief and community development projects. I will have to tell most of the stories in a generic fashion in order to not disclose the location in respect of security, however, where I can (mainly related to my personal projects), I will be happy to cite specifics.

I am going to be looking at projects per major category of things that we commonly are involved in through BGR. I’ll try and give examples of at least:

  1. A hunger related project
  2. A health care project
  3. A water development project
  4. An education facilitating project
  5. A microenterprise project
  6. A refugee ministry oriented project
  7. A disaster response project

The main qualifiers of “why” I choose a particular project to share will include the following:

  1. The project truly met both a felt and real need
  2. There was good participation in the project by the beneficiaries
  3. Along with participation, local people were willing to involve their own resources in the work (making the work more sustainable)
  4. A significant spiritual impact occurred resulting in transformation of individuals as well as the community

In other words, these projects practiced good community development principles.

My hope is that sharing these projects will prompt you to share some of your own that you have either seen or participated in that made a difference in the lives of those you worked. I also pray that maybe these examples with serve as ideas for your work as well.

My favorite projects: