3 Ways To Leave A Legacy This Year

By Natalie Sarrett on January 3, 2020 | Print

A new decade is here, and we could not be more excited to kick off 2020 by helping people in need around the world!

We have compiled a list of three meaningful, intentional ways that you can commit to making a lasting difference this year. 

  1. Become a BGR Response Partner!
    As you look for ways to become consistent in your giving practices this year, consider joining our family of response partners by committing to a monthly gift! Your generosity provides safe homes for women recovering from the trauma of human trafficking, trains farming families in agricultural skills, gives struggling communities access to clean water sources, and so much more!
  2. Join a global community of prayer warriors through our weekly Prayer Connection!
    Stay up to date on natural disasters and urgent needs all over the world when you sign up! You will receive a Prayer Connection email once a week with news, updates, and exclusive insights into BGR projects and their directors who are in need of your prayers as they serve some of the world’s most vulnerable and hurting communities.
  3. Gift a farming family with a sheep!
    New year, new ewe! One sheep can provide a family living in poverty with a reliable and much-needed source of milk, meat, and sustainable income! Livestock is often the difference between thriving and surviving for many communities who depend on agriculture to provide for their children. Help usher in the new year by ensuring a family like yours is taken care of in 2020!   

These are just a few ways for you to make sure you start your new year right. Cross off at least one resolution this month by committing to one of these today!

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