How do we end human trafficking?

By Jeff Palmer, CEO on September 18, 2017 | Print

Photo credit: International Mission Board

How do we end human trafficking? It’s a huge and evil problem with no simple answers.  I can share some things that our organization, BGR, is doing to help. I’ll also share some other ways to help.

  1. Support of trusted partners and organizations on the front line. BGR works with several groups and organizations that help rescue trafficked people, provide safe places and homes for them to live, and give them tools and skills for an alternative, better future.
  2. Job skills training and microenterprise projects among those coming out of trafficking. This can range from training to financing a small business for someone who is coming out of trafficking.
  3. Emotional support and counseling. Victims of human trafficking need specialized care and support. A few BGR projects support the trafficked victims with counseling on topics like right-to-life (there are a lot of pregnancies involved with prostitution) or trauma healing for those victimized.
  4. Advocacy. Often, if a trafficker is actually prosecuted, facing him or her in court can be difficult and traumatizing for victims. We stand alongside and with those caught in trafficking and their fight for their legal rights.
  5. Poverty alleviation in both chronic and acute situations. Poverty alleviation can help mitigate the perceived need of a family to sell their children in hard times. It can also help families make better decisions as they recover from a crisis.

At the end of the day, human trafficking, as we said, is driven by pure greed (high profit, low risk) and the lack of value of a human life. It is both the fault of those in the trafficking business as well as those who participate and perpetuate the market for trafficked men, women, and children.

At its very core, it is a sin issue; the result of a fallen race of man. And it requires, ultimately, a spiritual solution. David Platt says in his book, Counter Culture that…

“Fighting slavery (human trafficking) begins with believing the gospel – with see that the good, holy, and loving Creator God alone is the Owner of all people. Fighting slavery continues with applying the gospel – with living the truth that all people have been made in God’s image and thus are to be esteemed and never enslaved. And fighting slavery requires that we proclaim the gospel – that we do all that we can to tell the utterly hopeless that ultimate hope is found in Jesus Christ.”

We would love to hear some of your ideas on this topic.

Ken 6 years ago

Can you send me some info on your organisation? Offices? Structure. Size.

Kristi Newton 6 years ago

Hi Ken, can you send us more information about the nature of your request? Please submit a request through our contact form ( and we will be happy to answer your questions. Thank you!

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