5 Reasons You Should Use BGR’s Gift Catalog

By Jeff Palmer, CEO on December 7, 2017 | Print

In December we will shift our blog topics in preparation for the upcoming Christmas season. I want to talk a little bit about our BGR Gift Catalog and some of the ways that it helps us to help people in need while serving as a tool that you can use to promote BGR and needy causes to your friends and family.

This is the third year of our publishing of a gift catalog. Several years ago, we only produced an online version, but there was such a good response from those wanting to participate through giving, we decided to begin producing a printed version that could be mailed out and distributed at events. This year’s version has 25 different gifts you can purchase, ranging from a few dollars (feed a hungry child for a week, supply the initial stocking of a fishpond, provide a blanket for a refugee family, etc.) to a few hundred dollars (provide a water system for a community, build a new home for a family after a disaster, equip and outfit someone for a new job, etc.).

You probably are aware but several organizations have gift catalogs. So what’s the difference between BGR’s catalog and theirs? Why should you consider using BGR’s Gift Catalog?

Here are five reasons you and your family and friends should use the BGR Gift Catalog to give to those in need this Christmas season.

    1. Every item in the BGR Gift Catalog originates from a field-based, strategic need. Every water well to be installed, every animal to be distributed, and every food or health package to be shared has been requested from our field partners based on what they have determined to be the need.
    2. Every item in the BGR Gift Catalog is something that BGR is doing a lot of. In other words, the gift items are actual projects that we do in many places at many times throughout any given year.
    3. Every item distributed from the BGR Gift Catalog is sourced locally, making it an effective and efficient method of giving. BGR works with our local partners to ensure we use locally available, reproducible, and culturally appropriate materials for our gift items to be distributed.
    4. BGR partners distributing these gifts already have their operation expenses funded and supported through other means. Therefore, your monetary gift goes farther and has a greater dollar for dollar impact. We don’t have to pay huge overhead costs for delivery of services because our trusted partners who use the items purchased typically have their own support base.
    5. Every item purchased and distributed shows the love of Christ with the recipient.

Here at BGR, we believe that God is moving in the hearts of people to get involved with something significant and that makes an eternal impact. We believe the BGR gift catalog is a way for them to do so.

In the next few blogs, we’ll help you see some practical ways that items in the catalog translate into practical help all around the world.

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Karen Meeks 9 months ago

I think your information about BGR is very excellently presented. It is easy to access, informative, and helps clarify how donations are used to maximize potential. You have done a wonderful job of helping clarify the quality and efficacy of your organization and outreach program. I particularly think that your working through local partners and resourcing local products/resources excellently maximizes the value of the gifts/donations and insures their effectiveness in a particular culture or area. God bless and prosper the gospel through your work, more than we can ask, think, or dream. To God be the glory! God bless, Karen Meeks

Natalie Sarrett 9 months ago

Thank you so much, Karen - we really appreciate your feedback! God bless!